About Me - Author of Sinhala Sex Magazine

I just completed an IT Diploma in one of the popular private academy in Sri Lanka and now living in Australia with my parents. Right now I'm a primary school teacher for the IT subjects and in part time doing some tuition classes.

You may wonder after hearing that I'm a unmarried girl still in 25 of age. Even I went to a Reputed Girl's School, I had a affair when I was in Sri Lanka but my parents don't know about that. That guys now has another girl friend, but the joke is even she is belonging to a very rich family, she is dark, fatty and ugly..... like a shit. Probably that guy is blind.

Truly I'm not interesting to the sex talks or oral sex in the internet and also I'm not interesting to write this kind of sex blogs. But truly I wanted to write a blog and finally I decided to make a online "Sinhala Sex Magazine". But I'm expecting to run this with good condition without adding nudity, naked photos or hard core sex videos or anything that banned in Sri Lanka.

I'm expecting to return to Sri Lanka on this December with my parents and I heard that they are discussing about to find a groom to me. Anyway even I marry, I never stop this "Sinhala Sex Magazine"!

Well, probably you may like to be my friend or wanna talk with me, it's OKy, But I don't like to stay in online especially in FaceBook as there are lots of messages and PM too, so it is difficult to get connected with all of you. But if you comment on this blog, I'll try to answer at my best.